Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Quackbuisters

I received an email from the Complemtary Medicine Association recently about the fact that the Controllers of the Health Section of the BBC's website have received so much pressure from David Colquhoun and his ilk that they have removed all reference to complementary therapies from their site. The Quackbusters, as they are known, have sent a deluge of letters and emails claiming that complementary therapies are unscientific. Homoeopathy seems to be particualrly hated for some reason and any claim that millions have been helped is dismissed as 'anecdotal'.

I would ask you to consider the humble bumble bee for a moment. Science cannot prove why bees can fly. Their weight is too great for their wing span and so they should not be able to fly. According to the logic of The Quackbusters, the evidence of our own eyes must be dismissed as anecdotal. Presumably, The Quackbusters believe that the bee is incapable of flight.

When something cannot be proved scientificaly, all it means is that science can't prove it, not that it is untrue.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy New Year

I've just finished and published the Winter Quarterly Newsletter and it's really exciting to see the many and diverse workshops which are planned between now and the end of March. I'm a bit of a workshop junkie so I expect I'll be going to the ones I haven't been on before! However much you think you know about a subject, there is always more to learn or a different perspective to see things from. And I'm delighted that we are constantly welcoming new therapists into the fold and also that our existing therapists keep adding to their portfolio of therapies offered. It's lovely to be at The Centre and feel the buzzy atmosphere. I really enjoy chatting to clients as they wait for their appointment and I'm always learning something new form the therapists as they pop in and out. Everyone is so supportive of each other and this also filters down to the clients.

If you'd like a copy of the newsletter, you can sign up on the website, or email me at or phone 0800 043 0713 and leave your details.

Or you could pop in to 6 Pound Street, Newbury and pick up a copy and have a cuppa. It's a little chilly in our courtyard garden at the moment, but soon it will be warming up and it's a very tranquil spot to sit for a while and gather your thoughts.